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What is Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal is the attractiveness of your home from the street. Studies show that most Buyers will not view the interior of a home if they do not like the exterior. The exterior appeal is critical from a marketing point of view. It sets the tone for the entire home.The exterior needs to be inviting.

Stand across the street and take a look with a critical eye. Do this in the morning and in the evening. Change the exterior colour if it is dated. Swap out old light fixtures, house address numbers or mailboxes. Polish or change the front door handle and knocker.

Look at your yard from the Buyers eyes. Trim, mow or edge the lawn. Give overgrown trees and bushes a trim. Find a home for hoses, sprinklers, trash cans or toys. Place seasonal, colourful and fresh plants at the entrance.

Next, install lighting along your sidewalk or driveway!